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National Security

I cannot emphasize enough how ill-advised I feel the continued use of contractors in our national security is. This article is one of several you need to read so you can be aware of this issue. - Larry

Outsourcing the War by Jeremy Scahill


When Napoleon Hill wrote Think and Grow Rich , he told his readers that there was a secret of wealth and success hidden within the contents of his book and invited them to try to find that secret. Similarly, I feel there is a secret to understanding this conflict we are in now and what course of actions are now required in one of these letters. See if you can discover what it is. - Larry

Iraq Generals to President: You've Failed Us—From National Security Network


I disagree with the author’s premise. Our Generals have given good advice to this administration. Their advice has been ignored. - Larry

US Officer Blasts Generals’ Handling of Iraq War


Divide and Rule: America’s Plan for Baghdad


Inside the Belly of the Blackwater Beast


McCaffrey: Military ‘In Peril'


The Democrats' Special Forces Fetish


No Good Military Options in Iran

Iraq Resolution Debate: Their Terms or Ours (Internal GOP House Memo)
Army Giving More Waivers in Recruiting
A Time for the Senate to Lead by Senator Jim Webb

Our Mercenaries in Iraq


Chuck Hagel for President


Preparing Us for War with Iran


Report from American Enterprise Institute:  Choosing  Victory: A Plan for Success in Iraq  The rationale behind the “surge”.


Good Reasons to Leave Iraq by Bruce Bartlett


If not Iraq, Then When, Where, and at What Cost?


President Bush's Interview on “Sixty Minutes” January 14, 2007


Major Bill Edmonds—A Soldier's Story

Pentagon's Plan: More US Troops in Iraq

Bush's New Way Forward Is Into Quicksand by Joseph L. Galloway


Link to the Iraq Study Group report:

Senator Chuck Hagel: Iraq an Absolute Replay of Vietnam
Fiscal Responsibility

Costs of Prolonged War


Joint Statement Supporting Pay As You Go Rules in Congress


US Heading for Financial Trouble? (Also see our link to the Concord Coalition on the Resources Page)

Prison Growth Could Cost Billions Over the Next Five Years
Taming the Deficit, Together

Dollar's Skid Puts a Glow on the Euro


WSJ Says US Army Out of Money

Another Quagmire—About the international financial crisis we face
Our Economic Quagmire
Social Tolerance

Income Inequality Worsens

Taxpayers Should Be Allowed to Challenge Bush Faith Based Initiatives

Small Towns Bear Biggest War Death Burden


Greetings from Rancho Mirage by Ben Stein

Second Thoughts on Gays in the Military

Legislators Vote for Gay Unions in NJ


An Insider Reveals Faith Based Manipulation at the White House


Faith and Politics, a new book by Senator Jack Danforth

Obstacles and Progress

Capital Hill Faces People Party Revolt on Trade and Health Care by David Sirota


When the Class War Goes Local by David Sirota


This monumental documentary is available for you on the PBS website. Be sure to watch it. - Larry

Devastating Moyers Probe of Press and Iraq

One of the things that keeps us from actually solving our problems is the hypocrisy of inconsistency. We have too many people whose outlook is based solely on the fact that they have chosen to identify with one side/party or the other instead of identifying with a standard of performance. Everything their side does, therefore, is OK and everything the other side does is wrong. This article, combined with some other recent events (the firing of Don Imus and the dismissal of charges against the Duke Lacrosse players, offers an instructive example of this thought. - Larry

Pot (Burton) Calls the Kettle (Waxman) Black


Conservatives for the Constitution

Schwarzenegger to Limbaugh: I'm not Selling Out
Los Angeles Times: Political Muscle Blog, Schwarzenegger calls Limbaugh Irrelevant

Tougher Tactics Deter Migrants at US Border

In Public View, Saudis Counter Iran in Region

Military Wants More Civilians to Help in Iraq

Congress Short on Military Experience

Funding an Energy Alternative


Quantity or Quality by Tom Philpott


Six Brutal Truths About Iraq


From the Patriot Post—Leaders and Clerks

Unconventional Wisdom
Bring Back the Draft?

Victory Is Not an Option by LTG Odom

The Draft as Deterrent

January 8, 2007, Another Confused Conservative (from the Bruce Bartlett Blogs) Sub-Theme: Why you can be both conservative and anti-Bush


A Parable for our Times by Bill Moyers

Schwartz on How More Produces Less in Iraq

The Election and the Investigatory Powers of Congress by George Friedman