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Neither Liberal Nor Conservative Be

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Neither Liberal Nor Conservative Be
Polarized Politics is a major threat to every aspect of our lives. All of us have had our personal prosperity and security (and that of our children) put at risk by its results. The time has come to admit that what we are doing now is not working. The responsibility to change things rests with all of us, no matter your age, gender, race, income or background. Read this book to find out not only what needs to be changed, but how to make those changes.

This book is for people who want to understand today's political landscape and how to take action if they aren't happy with what they see. Young people just becoming eligible to vote, as well as seasoned voters should read this book. The author, an advocate for individual voters and small business people, draws from his varied life experience in both government service and private business to offer a refreshing new viewpoint. Using illustrations and analogies to explain his points, he rebuts the arguments of both "Liberals" and "Conservatives" in a lively, easy to read and understand original work.

Written with the feel of a self-help book, Neither Liberal Nor Conservative Be seeks to stop the destructive impact of polarized politics by causing people to explore their political philosophy and think about what they believe with regard to the purpose, rules and definitions of politics and government. Going far beyond Democrat vs. Republican, new insights provided include:

• Why voters are forced to choose between the lesser of two evils (and what to do about it).
• Evaluating the acceptability of political solutions to social issues.
• Developing your own personal political philosophy.
• Why inconsistency is a key factor enabling polarized politics to exist.
• Three principles that can be used to overcome inconsistency.
• How to evaluate political issues without the labels of “liberal” or “conservative”.
• How to talk about politics with unreasoning zealots (on both sides).
• Achieving better government by focusing on the desired outcomes of government instead of conflicting accusations about who to fear and who to blame.
• What issues are today’s equivalent of Prohibition and how they can be settled.
• What Post-Vietnam safeguards were meant to keep our country out of wars like Iraq?
• Why did those safeguards fail and what new safeguards are needed now?
• What is the option for Iraq that neither political party will talk about?
What Others are Saying...
"Great ideas and easily understandable. Makes the issues clear in a way I’ve never seen before."- Ruth Frost, Independent Moderate
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"Finally...a book that agrees with my thinking! I am tired of hearing the far left and far right say horrible things about each other. It’s counterproductive, to say the least. I love the fact that the book is for everyone. ‘Neither a Liberal nor a Conservative Be’ will be an interesting read for the most astute political followers. However, with the use of analogies, beginners and those who think politics isn’t for them can easily understand the concepts. I loved the author’s use of analogies, especially the monkey head. It always seems like every candidate has at least one monkey head issue that you have to put up with. I hope this book helps candidates know that we won’t put up with their monkey heads much longer! " - Andy Banker, Reagan Republican
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"I read this book. You should, too. LOTS of original ideas."
- Mark Hoeger, Omaha, NE
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"Stephen Covey’s 'The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People' enables people to clarify their views on their personal lives and informs them on ways to take direct action to improve those lives. Larry Bradley’s 'Neither Liberal Nor Conservative Be' enables people to clarify their political views by sorting out the rhetoric and smoke screens to determine where you really stand. He also informs them on ways to take direct action to communicate those views to sitting and prospective public servants. Great Book!
- David Deford,
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"Have you noticed that you don’t seem to have candidates you WANT to vote for—leaving you to select between the lesser of two evils?   Have you noticed that the candidates seem more interested in trying to divide us over issues that REALLY don’t make a difference?   Whether you’re a political junkie or a novice, this entertaining and easy-to-read book will give you insights and framework for thinking about these and other facets of the current political scene."
- John Albert, Bellevue, NE
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"I heard Larry Bradley say a couple of years ago that someday he would write the book that would change American politics for the next 50 years. Darned if he hasn't gone out and actually done it."
- Brian Michel, Kansas City, MO
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"Excellent read—This is thought provoking and gives a common language with which people across the political spectrum can converse."
- Terry Wegner, Grand Island, NE
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“I love the fact that the book is for everyone. ‘Neither Liberal nor Conservative Be’ will be an interesting read for the most astute political followers. However, with the use of analogies, beginners and those who think politics isn’t for them can easily understand the concepts.”
- Andy Banker, Reagan Republican
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“Most speakers are simply informative. You are thought provoking.”
- Marty Smith, Action International Business Consulting
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“This book is for every one of us in the center!”
- Amanda Jefferson, review at Barnes & Noble
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“(Your presentation) was great. I learned several things and was able to pull back and think about what you had said. Definitely what you want from a speaker… Thank you again for presenting.”
- Bill Jetter, West Omaha Rotary, Omaha, Nebraska
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"Great ideas and easily understandable. Makes the issues clear in a way I've never seen before."
- Ruth Frost, Independent Moderate
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“This book is self defense for voters.”
- Harry Zeeve, Government Finance Expert
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"Larry Bradley engages both the college freshman and the most jaded voter in an accessible conversation about our limiting two-party system. Join the conversation and help Bradley bring reason and moderation back in fashion."
- Nikki Isemann Political Science Instructor
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"(Larry Bradley) feels that the time may be upon us for the formation of a new political party that could represent the vast middle ground and this party could have a very reasonable chance to attract sufficient votes to start gaining representation in our government. Larry's message is one of involvement. We all need to be involved if we desire to be heard and want to effect change in our government. I cannot begin to do justice to his presentation. I encourage you to read his book or contact him on his web site."
- Rene' Dreiling, President, Heartland of America Chapter, Military Officers Association of America
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"Thanks again for coming to ISU and making some people actually employ some critical thinking skills! I'm just thankful that there are people out there like you who will ask that we actually hold elected officials accountable, regardless of affiliation.”
- Barry Groos, BA, EMT-B, ISU Alumn Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America Grassroots Support
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”Bradley is critical that the war's burdens have fallen on a few.”
- Mike Kelly, Omaha World Herald, Oct 22, 2006
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”Dear Jeff (Farias), I listened with fascination to your guest last night. I don't believe that I have ever heard these issues past and present laid out in a more succinct way.”
- Edie, Atlanta, GA
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“I can't believe how right you are. Everything you predict in your chapter on national defense and homeland security is coming true.”
- Sandra Wendel, Publisher, Health-e headlines
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“Mr. Bradley has a great way of breaking down very complicated political concepts into a very easy-to-read, and sometimes even fun, book that really helped me to understand my own political philosophy.”
- Lisa Pelto
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